Freshest Certified Organic Darjeeling Tea Available Online from Jay Shree Tea

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Jay Shree Tea is known in Indian beverage market for producing finest quality Darjeeling Tea blends of all types.

Its Darjeeling blends are one of its offerings. It is one of the few companies that take the effort of organic cultivation of the beverage. It produces Darjeeling teas of different varieties using natural process without using any artificial fertilizers, additives or chemicals. Tea plants grow in the laps of nature absorbing all natural minerals and ingredients.

Since Darjeeling tea is produced in an organic way, all natural components are preserved in the leaves. Thus, buyers are assured to get pure Darjeeling tea. Every pack carries the aroma and authentic flavor of the blends. Jay Shree Tea believes in supplying teas right from the ‘Garden to the Cup’.

Freshness of the brews can be experienced from the packs only. Darjeeling teas from all the popular gardens are available in its organic form. A cup of golden liquor from Jay Shree Tea showcases its freshness and top quality.

Check out the range of organic Darjeeling brews available with this company. Visit ‘organic tea’ section in their website at

Products Speak of Affordability and Quality

Jay Shree Tea has organic Darjeeling blends from Puttabong, Singbulli, Risheehat and Sungma. There are also “Special First” teas from different gardens. What is all the more interesting is the pricing of the packs. Buyers do not have to empty their wallet for buying organic Darjeeling tea from this company.

So, black or green blend – Jay Shree Tea has everything in its palette of “Organic blends”.

About Jay Shree Tea

Jay Shree is a renowned name in beverage market. It has its customers far and wide, in all corners of the world. It only intends to provide premium blends right at the doorstep of its customers. It has various kinds of Indian teas in its product basket.

Company: Jay Shree Tea
Address: Industry House, (15th Floor), 10, Camac Street, Kolkata, 700 017, India
Phone- +91 9674292164 and +91 33 2282 7531-34

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