Cambodia Back Flips in honor of the new state of the art Tim Sykes Field Dreams Futbol stadium‎

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - ‎Hey so this was my speach at our Grand Opening of our soccer stadium in Cambodia. 10 months ago I stood on a stage just right over there at the grand opening for the Timothy Sykes Learning Center and told you guys that one day we could build a soccer stadium. And on our flight home from that very same trip he slapped me on the arm and said “If you build it They will come.”

He said it will be the Cambodian Field of Dreams. People will travel from all over the world to Cambodia to play soccer.

Between the school and this field this truly is a place where dreams really can come true. When was a 152 pound Junior in High School I believed I could play professional football. I focused on my studies. I trained hard and studied hard and my dream became a reality. We believe that eventually one of you kids will study hard and train hard and we will have our very own Olympic Athlete from right here in your village.

Ha The Cambodian Field of Dreams is a reality because Tim Sykes believed in it.

He believes in the long term meaning, purpose and sustainable growth this stadium will give back to this community. He believes in each and every one of you kids.

I believe that He is the worlds greatest, most active, and impactful philanthropist! He’s your hero, He’s My Hero Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and girls I give to you the one and only Mr. Tim Syyyyykes!!

I have video etc and tons of pictures. Here is the one I would like to use for the press release. . Maybe you can Title it "Cambodia Back Flips in honor of the new state of the art Tim Sykes Field Dreams Futbol stadium."

Cameron Siskowic a former NFL football player who helped plan and impliment the building of the stadium with Vy Sovechea and Cambodian Village Fund said after the event "Even the sky gave us a standing ovation for this one."

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