Sorts of Bagpipes

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Although bagpipes may perhaps look like crudely regular instruments, you will discover actually many kinds of bagpipes--each using a distinctive character and sound. The seven varieties of bagpipes are: Great Highland bagpipes, Irish Uilleann bagpipes, Northumbrian bagpipes, Scottish smallpipes, Biniou, Center-France bagpipes, and Gaita. Wonderful Highland bagpipes. Get more information about

The Wonderful Highland bagpipe is most likely by far the most well known bagpipes variety. It originated from Scotland and Ireland and is typically utilized by soloists and pipe bands in civilian and military performances. It's played inside the mixolydian scale, from the organic low G crucial for the important of A, consisting of two tenor drones and 1 bass drone.

Irish Uilleann bagpipes The Irish Uillean bagpipe would be the most sophisticated style of bagpipe. It is played inside the diatonic scale, within the important of organic C plus the crucial of main D. It truly is commonly played in staccato--a style of playing that's short and speedy.

Northumbrian smallpipes The Northumbrian smallpipe is usually a bellows-blown form of bagpipe. It ordinarily consists of 4 drones that may be tuned to several pitches and combinations. It has chanters with seven 17 keys and possesses some of the exclusive qualities in the Irish Uilleann bagpipes. Even so, it calls for pretty tight fingering to play in staccato.

Scottish smallpipes

The Scottish smaller pipe is common amongst highland pipers. It's also a bellow-blown form of bagpipe but has exactly the same fingering system as the Excellent Highland bagpipe. It might also be mouth-blown but will not generate the exact same sound and tone high-quality because it features a delicate reed building.


Originating from Brittany France, the Binou is made to be mouth-blown. It truly is played a single note above the octave scale along with a flat lead tone below it. It produces a sound that is definitely one particular octave larger than the Good Highland bagpipe, generating a really high pitched sound. Together with all the bombarde, it really is frequently utilized to accompany folk dancing in Breton.

Center-France bagpipes

Also called the chevrette, the Cenetr-France bagpipe is created of goatskin and can also be a mouth-blown instrument. It truly is frequently made use of inside the Bourbonnais, Morvan, and Nivernais regions of France.

Gaita The Gaita is played by pipe bands and folk groups, ordinarily in some regions of Portugal, and especially in Asturias. It includes a conical chanter and can be played in the key of D, C sharp, C, B flat, B, A, and G.

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