ICO’s Earning Big Dough From DiMagna’s Investor Circle

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November 28, 2017: When one mentions the name DiMagna you would expect the proceeding response to be about either their great Secured (LOCK) Token concept, or the fact that they’re a bonafide cryptocurrency insurance company. With all of the news concerning their SeCured token and the monumentum movement their having in this crypto-market world those responses are more than acceptable.

However those acceptable responses are beginning to grow as people start adding DiMagna’s Investor Circle to the conversation, in which they’d be well composed to. Just this week along DiMagna’s Investor Circle dishes out more than 15 million dollars to growing and beginning cryptocurrency companies, and they all seem to be hard hitters with the potential to become great pillars in the future. Word has it that they’ve been spending millions every week and don’t plan on slowing down as the excitement of the cryptoworld fuels their pockets.

Unfortunately entry towards signing your own cryptocurrency company up to receive your very own millions in funding isn’t available as DiMagna’s Investor Circle only offer funding through invitation. There’s not much to go on by to determine how they choose the ICO’s and cryptocurrency to fund, so our guess is to make sure your token is superb and maybe rub shoulders with DiMagna and their Secured (LOCK) Token.

About the Company:
DiMagna is a cryptocurrency company currently known as cryptocurrency insurance that allows the crypto-owners to transfer their crypto-financial risk for safe trading and investment. To know more and to get your Secured (LOCK) Token now visit https://www.dimagna.com/

Contact Details:
Sr. Admin: Andonis Hyman
Business/Company Name: DiMagna
Company Mail id: admin@dimagna.com


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