More luxury than Vertu - Kreta is leading a trend in UK

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - The British are now more familiar with high-end brand Kreta compared to Vertu. The high-end luxury mobile phone brand is favored by the elite after it was put into market. As a British local brand, Kreta is leading a trend in the upper class who are talking about the exquisite appearance and expensive materials.

The latest model Kreta one, built with British fine craft, decorated with exquisite jade, Hetian jade, crocodile skin and calf skin. It uses high hardness resistant titanium zirconium oxide ceramic on the body, material aviation liquid metal on the frame, which makes the phone distinguished.

Compared with Vertu, Kreta is more at pursuit of technologies, never reduce the cost of technical requirements. Kreta uses the most popular mobile phone configuration, equipped Xiaolong 845 processor, 8G RAM and 128G storage. The combination of distinguished appearance top specifications makes Kreta a true noble charm.

The buyers say Kreta not only has exquisite noble appearance, the specifications don’t let them down. Kreta phone is not a vase, but a combination of fashion, noble and high-tech.

Media contact
Company Name: kreta Technology LTD
Address: 14 Wells View Drive, London, UK
Contact Person: Zhang

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