announces new vetting guidelines for virtual administrative assistants to ensure customers get top quality

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - has announced new vetting measures for virtual administrative assistants that will be joining its team.


London, UK 29th September, 2017 - has announced new vetting measures for virtual administrative assistants that will be joining its team. The company says that it really wants to make sure that customers who trust its site get the best experts to help them with their daily tasks. The vetting guidelines are stricter and call for more thorough background checks than there were before. has been commended by experts in the industry for taking this step. The company is already a trusted place to get virtual administrative assistant and as such, there is always a need to ensure that the guarantee of quality experts is there all the time. The changes in vetting guidelines is one of many steps that has taken in the past to better its services.

The increased globalization of businesses has opened new opportunities for companies to do staffing online. This simply allows businesses to access a wide pool of talent to help them in any way through the internet. is some of the companies that continue to facilitate this through its virtual assistant service.

The company has so far helped many people find reliable staff and will continue to do so even in the near future. The level of success that has seen so far is indicative of the demand we have seen in the virtual assistant tasks market.

If this trend continues over the coming few months, we are seeing becoming one fo the top players in the market. The growth of digital virtual assistant services is really on the rise and many companies are soon becoming part of this. is the ultimate facilitator and you can feel free to visit for more information.

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