Nobesity Held 17th Monthly Group Meeting On Physical Exercise & Weight Loss

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Dr. Manish Khaitan, 30 November, 2017: Nobesity has completed the 17th health support group meeting on 29th October 2017. This time the subject of the meeting was physical exercise, which is one of the most important things that every one of us should do for our health. According to Bariatric Surgery experts physical exercise is not only good for physical fitness of but also it helps people emotionally too.

Studies have found that physical exercise initiates endorphin secretion which boosts our mental health and keeps people more happy and positive. According to experts with regular exercise people start to find it very addictive and they continue doing exercise without feeling any kind of stress or unwillingness.

The monthly group meeting of Nobesity was especially held for patients who are in the journey of weight loss or who have gone through Bariatric Surgerybefore. Dr. Manish Khaitan, the director of Nobesity, has talked about how exercise has helped his patients to maintain weight even after many years of the surgery.

The 17th group meeting was highly successful with a lot of attendees and exercise programs which has motivated the patients to maintain their weight loss regime for long run.In the meeting Dr. Manish Khaitan has also talked about the importance of physical exercise, why they should do it regularly and how. The exercise experts of Nobesity helped the attendees with different exercises and taught them how to exercise properly.

Dr. Manish Khaitan being an expert of Bariatric Surgery always suggests his patients to exercise everyday to make their surgery and treatment more effective and long-lasting. For more please visit

About Company: Nobesity is one of the best Bariatric Surgery centres in India run by Dr. Manish Khaitan. Nobesity helps people with a wide range of surgeries and treatment including Gastric Bypass Surgery, Sleeve Gastronomy, Single Port Bariatric Surgery, BPD Surgery and more.

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