The 15th Support Group Meeting of Nobesity Was a Success With Many Participants On The Gathering

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Dr. Manish Khiatan, 30 November, 2017: Nobesity has conducted the 15th support group meeting on 27th August 2017with DR. Manish Khaitan and Guest Speaker Ms Pinkal Bhatt. Nobesity being one of the top Bariatric Surgery centres in India conducts this monthly group meeting to support their patients in more effective way before and after treatment.

The 15th group support meeting was based on a very interesting and important theme where the experts have talked about stress, anxiety and overeating which are some of the biggest problems of everyone. The meeting was a great success with approx 100 participants, engaging session of Ms Pinkal Bhatt and Dr Manish Khaitan, the Director of Nobesity.

Nobesity takes its pride for conducting such session every month where patients can participate and learn things about how they can maintain their health in more effective way after going through Bariatric surgery or any other weight loss surgery procedures. One of the best things about Nobesity group support meeting is, it is not only open for the patients of Nobesity, but also other patients can join this meeting to make their weight loss journey easy, effective and long-lasting.

On this meeting Ms Pinkal Bhatt & Dr. Manish Khaitan has shared some very important skills on how people can overcome their daily stress and anxiety that lead us to overeating.The experts has also shared important tips on how one can leverage their mind power to conquer things that effects our health and weight.The group meeting was also open for question and answer sessions where the experts answered the questions of the participant and more. To know more about Nobesity, visit:

About Company: Nobesity is a professional Bariatric Surgery centre in India run by DR. Manish Khaitan who is one of the most successful Bariatric Surgery Surgeons in the world. The centre helps patients to lose and maintain weight with safe and successful surgery and treatment procedures.

Contact Details:
Dr Manish Khaitan
Columbia Asia Hospital
Hebatpur Road
Thaltej, S.G High Way
Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380059
Phone: +91-9925558543, +91-8999949999

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