Exploring Marrakech - The Draa Valley

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - The Dra valley is just not only a 100 kilometres beautiful lengthy stretch of date palms in between Ouarzazate and Zagora, in Southern Morocco. It can be also a area offering great possibilities of exploring Marrakech and impressive views of the mauve Atlas Mountains, using the Oued Dra River -the longest in Morocco- disappearing progressively whilst you move downstream from the Atlas Mountains, and exactly where dozens of Kasbahs could be spotted along the river. Get much more information about https://desert-trips-morocco.com/tour/3-days-desert-trip-from-marrakech/

On top of this, within the amazing Dra Valley area you are able to even discover some cave paintings and rock engravings or can venture on a Marrakesh desert trip.

The Dra Valley can be a fascinating valley offering an impressive wide variety of irresistible attractions. The natural beauty on the valley is amazing and absolutely deserves a take a look at. When you adhere to the river down from the Higher Atlas Mountains, you might appreciate the sight of an endless plantation, mainly of palm trees, on every single river bank. The plantation goes on for quite a few kilometres until the desert seems and takes over the landscape.

But it just isn't until you reach Zagora that true desert gradually starts, initially with just a stone desert displaying some lonely sand dune right here and there. But when you pass M'Hamid, the true endless sand sea covers the whole horizons and the genuine dunes dominate the scenery. Here, you are able to delight in some accurate desert camel trekking, caravan-style...

Apart from the plantations -which include things like cereals, vegetables, henna and also other crops- as well as the desert, there are many (six in total) oases consisting of palm groves a with an average width of three kilometres, but reaching as much as one hundred kilometres in some locations. The beauty of these oases -called Mezguita, Tinzouline Ternata Fezouata Ktaoua, and Mhamid el Ghuzlan- is genuinely impressive plus the contrast together with the aridity along with the dryness of their surrounding is fairly startling.

Other web-sites that happen to be worth a go to along the Dra Valley would be the lots of rock art engravings or petroglyphs that can be found inside the area. There are several web-sites exactly where rock art is often admired, despite the fact that the best identified are Foum Chenna (Tinzouline), At Ouaazik (Asguine Tarna, Tazzarine) Tiouririne and Tisguinine (Zagora).

Besides this rock paintings and engravings, there's a necropolis, also dating from prehistoric instances, in Foum Larjam -meaning "Mouth" or "Passage of your Tombs"- on the Djebel Beni-Selmane, for the south of Tizi Beni- Selmane.

Because the history of your Dra Valley consists mainly of periods of warfare between the unique nomadic tribes, there is certainly no wonder that the Dra is particularly popular for its Kasbahs or Islamic fortresses. There are dozens of Kasbahs along the Dra Valley, but the most popular ones are, North to South, the Kasbahs of Tamnougalt and of At Hammou Ousaid near Agdz, the Kasbahs of El Cad Ouslim and Oulad Outhmane in Tamezmout, the Kasbahs of Foum and Achnna N'Kob in Tinzouline, the Kasbah of Tat Ifli in Beni Zouli, the Kasbahs of Amezrou, At Ali Tighramt Ouziguen, and of Laglaoui in Zagora, the Kasbahs of Agouim Nouaadjou and Tagounite in Tagounite, along with the Kasbahs of At Bounou, LaAllouj, Oulad Driss, and Rgabi in M'hamid El Ghuzlane.

In addition to the natural, the historical along with the architectural wonders that the Dra Valley gives, you will find also compact villages along the valley exactly where time appears to possess stopped, so little may be the impact of modernity on them. In these villages that spot the landscape right here and there, females are totally and usually veiled whilst they wash their garments around the riverbanks and guys are somehow watchful and distant, perhaps unaccustomed to foreign guests. These persons, in addition to Arabic, speak their own dialect of your Berber vernacular, called Tashelhiyt.

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