Fox Hill Entertainment Upcoming Web Reality Series This Summer 2018

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Fox Hill Entertainment, 7 December, 2017: Fox Hill Entertainment feels very proud to announce their new upcoming web series Boss Ladies. This is an amazing reality series which will be a treat for all the series lovers. According to reports this series is going to be a 7 episode web series where each series will be 22-24 minutes long. Fox Hill Entertainment has decided to release this new series on summer 2018.

Report says that this upcoming series is mainly based on five boss ladies of South Florida who are extremely talented, energetic, educated, intelligent and beautiful. This reality series will show how these boss ladies deals with business, clients, how they communicate their business and many more challenging things.

The series will be more interesting as people will get to see the struggle, fight and dedication of these boss ladies as they will try their best to advance their career in the entertainment industry by any means. The casting directors for this web series are Keisha Matthews from InterTwine Entertainment, Carla Ferguson from Fox Hill Entertainment and Vana from The Crown Movement.

Fox Hill Entertainment also feels proud to see the great buzz on internet among the reality show lovers about this series. They are expecting that this series will be loved by the viewers because of its engaging contents and the amazing boss ladies. According to news, Fox Hill Entertainment will have a casting call on Miami, FL in January 2018 where all the casts of this reality series will be present.

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About Company: Fox Hill Entertainment is an amazing entertainment group of Florida that produces different web series, movies and other entertainment programs. The company is coming up with a new web series Boss Ladies on coming summer.

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