10 Must-Have Final Cut Pro X Plugins

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - For many years, Final Cut Pro 7 was the preferred NLE software program for working experts. Final Cut Pro X has had a much slower start than numerous thought it would. Even so, more than the final various years, the computer software has seriously come into its personal. With every single passing year, a lot more and much more pros are employing FCPX. Because of this, extra and much more plugins are becoming released. With that mentioned, weíve rounded up our favored Final Cut Pro X plugins that we take into consideration must-haves for film experts. Get additional information about Final Cut Pro X http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/product-category/final-cut-pro-x-products

1. Colour Finale

With this plugin, you have got a full colour grading suite with LUTs, RGB Curves, and three Way Color Wheel. All of these settings could be adjusted proper inside the Final Cut timeline.

2. CoreMelt: Lock & Load X

Need a powerful and easy-to-use stabilizer in FCPX? Then look at CoreMeltís Lock & Load. Up to 12 times faster and much more accurate than the FCPX built-in stabilizer, itís a must-have for any editor.

3. mTitle 3D

Do you feel limited by the 3D title effects in FCPX? Well then check out mTitle 3D by motionVFX .

4. Twixtor

RE:Vision Effects brought Twixtor a few years back and have done a good job of upgrading it more than these few years. This Final Cut Pro X plugin is a powerful time remapping tool that allows you to slow your sequences to super-slow motion or ramp them up. It is a little pricey, but itís one of the best (if not the best) time remapping tools out there.

5. FxFactory Pro

FxFactory Pro is a solid Final Cut Pro X plugin toolbox that comes with a whole host of different features for transitions, effects, and colour adjustments. You can buy many of the tools from Pro as individual plugins at at substantially smaller price point, but Pro offers them all bundled together for a fairly discounted price.

6. mObject

mObject is FCPX and Motion 5ís version of Element 3D for After Effects. MotionVFX has created a solid application that gives you a wide range of capabilities in operating with 3D Objects in FCPX and Motion 5.

7. Primatte Keyer

Red Giant has a whole host of plugins compatible with FCPX, but we think Primatte Keyer is one of their best. While we like Keylight in After Effects a great deal better, Primatte does the job for FCPX users.

8. Colorista III

If youíre not a fan of Colour Finale, then try another Red Giant Final Cut Pro X plugin called Magic Bullet Colorista III. Itís an extremely powerful color grading plugin with three Way Color, Curves, and a Keyer for colour isolation.

9. X2ProLE

While X2ProLE isnít a plugin, but rather an app for FCPX, we felt it was worthy enough to mention in our list. If you donít happen to use Apple Logic, then youíll need X2ProL to convert your audio from FCPX to Pro Tools for audio finishing.

Price: $59

10. ClipExporter two

Hereís one extra non-plugin that is extremely worthy for any FCPX user. ClipExporter two is the best tool to use when needing to send your FCPX project to After Effects for post-production compositing.

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