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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - EDEALO would be the hottest new web site giving provides Deals, Discounts and Coupons from pretty much all components in the Planet; from over 300 brands; spanning across several sectors, like (but not limited to) Travel, Fashion, Electronics, Education, and lots of more. Multiply the number of categories by the number of locations and brands, and you have got an enormous quantity of Offers posted on EDEALO. The idea behind the internet site is always to make people today save money and make smarter purchases, and that is why employing the site is entirely Free! Get a lot more details about

EDEALO has also just launched its Personal Deal Finder service. This new service will guide you via EDEALO’s Big quantity of Delivers to assist you fnd the Offer you(s) that suit your requirements by far the most. Just like the web site, making use of this service is totally cost-free - all you have got to accomplish is visit EDEALO’s Facebook Messenger and they’ll find you the Deal that very best fits YOUR desires.

The Personal Deal Finder Service is partially automated by means of a bot, and partially manual by means of EDEALO’s representatives. The bot guides you through the Deals, and you have the option of chatting with an EDEALO representative for enquiries that aren’t covered by the automated bot.

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