Be Ready to Buy Cannabis Online if You Are 21 Years Old In Oakland

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA - 13th December 2017 – is pleased to announce that they are among the first few entrepreneurs to be awaiting a legal permit for Cannabis distribution. The City of Oakland had introduced the state’s first equity program last year to give minorities an advantage in the new cannabis industry which is worth several billions. In Oakland, 50% of the permits have been reserved for parties that were impacted by the war on drugs. These parties can enter the medical or commercial marijuana business. During which the city had received more than 100 applications seeking similar permits.

The state had recently released 276 pages of new rules just in time for sales which are expected to start on the coming New Year’s Day 2018. Many other states also have begun to legalize the use of cannabis by qualified adults. It is also predicted that 35 states will have legalized cannabis by 2021. Unfortunately, it is still illegal at the Federal Level. “The controversy surrounding the legalization of cannabis did not stop me from pursuing my passion. After my graduation from Oaksterdam Cannabis University, I decided to build a start-up company that is a combination of delivery and cultivation business. This is indeed a huge step forward as it is the first time ever that recreational marijuana sales will be made possible. With our rapid business development and legal permit, the best of this company is yet to come”, says Jahful Price, CEO of Cannabis on Fire.

The State’s Equity Program allows start-up companies to cultivate, distribute, manufacture, test and sell cannabis. is amongst those very few startup companies that have entered the permitting pipeline. The program is also designed to enable qualified residents enter the lucrative cannabis market in California. The company collaborates with Nug, an Oakland based company that specializes in producing high quality plants with the help of modern technology and premium quality cannabis. Nug’s collaboration with Calyx is an added advantage. Calyx is a company that aims at improving the marketing, distribution and sales of cannabis.

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Cannabis on Fire, based at Oakland, California is a startup company and a Cannabis Dispensary online. The company is expecting a permit this year after which qualified customers (21 and over with proper ID) can order for their favorite cannabis products online.

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Jahful Price, Chief Executive Officer - Cannabis on Fire
Address: 248 3rd Street, #821, Oakland, California 94607
Phone: 1-510-550-3850



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