Bobs CNC Helps Veterans Woodwork Program Go High-Tech

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - A Missouri entrepreneur is helping U.S veterans in Arizona learn how to do woodworking in the high-tech age.

Bobs CNC has donated two new computer-controlled router systems to the Veterans Furniture Project, a program launched last year by Bridging AZ Furniture Bank, a Mesa, Arizona nonprofit.

The furniture bank supplies donated furniture to social services agencies who help homeless families and individuals move into apartments. In 2016, Bridging launched a woodworking shop with a double purpose – to help fill gaps in its furniture supply and to provide a workplace experience for unemployed veterans. On average, about a third of Bridging’s furniture is delivered to veterans who are moving out of homelessness.

The Veterans Furniture Project workshop has standard woodworking equipment – power saws, sanders, planers and routers. But Jim Piscopo -- the furniture bank founder and a veteran himself -- wanted to offer veterans some additional training with modern tools.

He contacted Bobs CNC, a Missouri company that offers a kit for a bench-top, programmable router/engraver. “CNC” stands for “computer numerical control.” The device allows woodworkers to use computer software to develop intricate designs and then control the router to make precise cuts.

Bobs CNC agreed to donate two of the kits to the Veterans Furniture Project. “These are perfect for the type of training and production work we’re doing,” said Piscopo. “They’ll be a great way to introduce our trainees to computer-controlled woodworking.”

Additional information on Bobs CNC is at

More information on the Veterans Furniture Project is at
Jim Piscopo, Executive Director
Bridging AZ Furniture Bank
25 N. Extension Road
Mesa, AZ 85201
Phone: (480) 375-5454

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