Super Underwear Man rides again with new novel!

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - So-Cal man celebrates 25th anniversary with new comedy novel.

W.E. Budman
Special Correspondent

WEDSNESDAY, December 20, 2017

Los Angeles, California – The original underpanted super hero, Super Underwear Man, returns with a young adult comedic fantasy super hero novel this Christmas season. This all new work is entitled, “Super Underwear Man Rides Again!”
This novel begins with a very funny opening scene, where a bat-themed masked crusader super hero is too busy to help a citizen who needs help saving his pet, but the masked-crusader’s butler becomes irritated that a non-celebrity would dare call and ask for help, so in short, the butler unloads – let me say Bat-retribution – upon the out-of-luck citizen. (Keep reading, because this scene is resolved in a very funny manner in the last chapter of the book.)
The next chapter has Super Underwear Man saving the man’s dog – but this dog has developed a taste for rump-roast, so to speak. About this time, an all new female super hero counterpart comes into focus, and without spoiling the story, I can say that she saves both the dog, and Super Underwear Man, while his sidekick SumoMan observes and provides humorous observations and commentary.
An innocent infatuation develops between Super Underwear Man and the girl super hero Underpanties, which leads to a G rating-like suspense, and it seems that the hero cannot do anything right in front of Underpanties. This leads to some very funny interactions, pratfalls, failures and finally hard-earned success.
The novel continues with a very funny flash-back to the origins of this new female super hero, how she obtained her granny-panted outfit and her super hero gear, and why she protects her true identity with a rumba-pants mask. This chapter reminds me of a Greek-tragedy, and it took great skill to bring this lowly critic along for the ride. And, oh what a ride it is! Let me just say that, “Yes, Virginia, death can be shocking and funny at the same time!”
C.J. Walworth’s novel introduces evil bad guys and re-introduces what it means to laugh out loud. One criminal has … let me say an overactive bladder … which leads to some very clever dialog.
In closing, Author C.J. Walworth has developed a novel that truly propels Super Underwear Man and his entire cast of the good, the bad, and the ugly, on a spectacular ride. “…Rides again!” was a pleasure to review, and I’m certain it will be a hit this year.
“Super Underwear Man Rides Again!” is available at fine book sellers in the United States and Europe. This book is available in Print and E-book formats.

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W.E. Budman
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