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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - BloggerTel is an exclusive social media blogger portal that allows members to do a lot more than post, like and share. This site is for bloggers who wish to expand their horizons in the field of blogging. Like any other social media platform, this site also allows members to grow in many ways. The members can connect with other bloggers and blogging groups by inviting them to join their page. This site offers an excellent opportunity to make a successful blogging career.

The members can create useful content and share it with other readers or bloggers. They can also start earning money through the readership via multiple income streams. There are many money making options such as advertising, affiliate income and so on. One of the main strategies to get popularity is by building new relationships and appreciating the existing ones. Blogger Tel is a strong platform that helps bloggers build their reputation and come across different income streams.

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Bloggertel Pvt. Ltd., based at India is a social media blogging platform. It acts like any other social media site where members can interact with each other, share their blogs, pages, posts, and invite friends and many others.

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