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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - In this press release, we want to specify the main search methods without a site. It should be noted immediately that the complex implementation of these methods will make your results fruitful and you will get the "lion's share" of the target audience for the web resource through specific SEO optimization methods. But on the methods described below, opportunities to promote the site do not end. There are always new ways and secrets to promote the site along with the application of a new algorithm for issuing a special search engine, according to which you direct the main forces.

The first and probably the most basic thing with what you need to start the process of promoting your internet search is registering your site in the search engines. The most popular search engines are Google and Bing in the order they are listed.

Search engines have their own different data bases containing pages on each indexed site. Production in search engines is different and depends on web site ranking algorithm. At their quest of the visitor, the search engine displays a list of sites that contain words from the query. The most important factors in the search engine issue are the frequent site updates, the indexing date of the site, the number of words in the query on the page, the content of the meta tags "Title", "Descriptions", "Keywords".

Search engine registration is a free method. But in virtually all of them there is a "site catalog" with thematic titles that can be accessed for freea nd for a long and indefinite period, but also for a very fast charge (within the three days). Production in search engine catalogs is built differently. For example, the issuance of a Yandex directory search engine is built based on the thematic index of quoting the "tIC" site, which is determined by the presence of external quality links to the site. The most recent references in this case are thematic ones, hence the name "thematic index of quoting".

Only after you have registered your site in the search engines you can start building a complete external link and not only. Consider specific methods:

Link exchange.

The link exchange process involves placing a link to another site on its own and it puts a mutual link to you on its site. Link exchange provides a powerful result for the site's ranking in the search engines and, consequently, for the promoted products. Also, link sharing is also a means of advertising, but already to a lesser extent. a small percentage of Internet users browse on the site a thematic catalog of links with other external resources.

Registering your site in the "white".

Registering a site in catalogs is a whole science. From a figurative point of view, it can be said that the catalogs are analogous to traditional directories. Registering in catalogs carries a positive "special" feature - this is a simultaneous promotion of the site's search engine rather than a search engine. By registering in the directory, after a while your link will be indexed by search engine robots, which therefore have a positive impact on the problem, as well as visible transitions become the target audience in the directory (if it is a bit more popular). because many Internet users prefer to search for information in search engines and directories at the same time without rarely giving them priority.

To make sure your site is lost in the catalog - you must follow all the rules imposed by the creator, otherwise the time will be wasted. Usually, this is a name that can be read, a description (not spam), a correctly selected category. Sometimes you need a back link to the director.

Participating in the ranking of sites.

This method involves placing your site code (banner 88 * 31), while ranking sites will be displayed as participants' participation decreases. Enrollment in ratingsisrecommendedtobeperformedimmediatelyafterthesearchengine. This will allow you to get a back link with high score sandal so allows you to collect all the statistics you need. But do not get involved in placement of your site with graphical rating banners - these are a large number of potential repel the eye of your site visitors and cause serious damage to the degree of use of the site. It is recommended to participate in up to four evaluations. For more visit

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