Dr Rajeev Gupta

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Dr Rajeev Gupta is medically qualified doctor and Consultant in National Health Service in United Kingdom. He has done MBBS, MD, MRCP (UK)and FRCPCH from Royal College in UK. He has also done triple accredited MBA in UK and is actively engaged in health Care management. He has designed postgraduate course in Health Care Management which is recognised by ATHE and Of Qual, Qualification Authority of UK.

He has studied business administration and corporate finance to get in depth knowledge of health economics. He is involved in leadership programmes of Royal College and Strategic health Authority and is involved in designing strategy of health organisations. He has written excellent chapter on Leadership with 3D model of Leadership that is named after him as RG model. He is a qualified professional executive and corporate coach from The Coaching Academy. He is visiting professor to many international Universities and eloquent speaker at many national and international conferences. Dr Gupta is Director of Emotional Intelligence Organisation. He has ventured “Healthy workplace project” for improved physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health in National Health Service and has received “Outstanding Personal Achievement Award”. He has also received “Glory of India Award” for his outstanding work in mentoring. His new contribution of “Futuristic model of Health care” was published in 2012 and was very much appreciated.

He has studied emotional intelligence in depth and is a Master Coach on Emotional Intelligence using EQi and MSCEIT and many other tools for coaching including traditional tools. He has also tons of experience of business and management through his own entrepreneurship. He has also developed a unique technique which has strands from NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Tony Robbin’s Mastery University, Medical science and personal experience for a very effective 3Dimensional neuro-emotional coaching. This empower the person to deal with day to day conflicts and emotions, eradicates deep embedded fears and cleanses the inside to give a fresh feel. You feel energised to achieve your goal. He is director of Eintel Organisation and also taken up role of Start-up mentor for Virgin Group.

He has recently received Life Time Achievement Award at House of Commons, British Parliament on 25th July 2014for outstanding contribution to education, mentoring and coaching young vulnerable adults.

He has published articles on Emotional Intelligence including Emotional Intelligence for health visitors in peer reviewed journals. He has also written a book “Business use of Emotional Intelligence” and his seminar son business use of emotional intelligence are popular and this book contains the nub on how to use emotional intelligence for business success. He has propounded Organisational Emotional Intelligence and the application of his model of business emotional intelligence and emotionally intelligent organisation for corporate world are commendable.

He has written a book on “Business use of Emotional Intelligence” which is popular on Amazon. For more visit http://rajeev.me.uk/

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