Live Demonstration of Complex Laparoscopic Cancer Surgeries by Dr. Baiju Senadhipan

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December 27, 2017: Laparoscopic surgery is the latest operational specialization which entails surgery through small incisions. Dr. Baiju Senadhipan is a prominent international expert in Laparoscopic Cancer Surgery for gastrointestinal cancers like that of the food pipe, stomach, liver, pancreas, bile duct, small and large intestines and in anal cavity. A number of researches have proved the success of laparoscopic surgery in case of cancer, but only a few surgeons around the world have the expertise to successfully conduct them. Dr Senadhipan is one among those few who has proficiently performed over 2000 complicated gastrointestinal cancer surgeries laparoscopically.

Dr. Baiju Senadhipan, who is considered one of the global pioneers in Laparoscopic Cancer and GI surgeries, was invited as a faculty at AMASICON international conference for Surgeons organized at Kochi from 26- 28 Oct 2017. As live demo to over 3000 delegates, Dr. Senadhipan was among the few faculties who executed 2 challenging surgeries on this prestigious event: Lap Whipple’s and Lap Gastrectomy.

Whipple’s with Laparoscopic approach is probably the most complex minimally invasive surgery to remove pancreatic cancers that most surgeons do not even attempt. Lap Gastrectomy is the removal of a part or complete stomach laparoscopically was the second major surgery demonstrated by Dr. Baiju Senadhipan.

A laparoscopic cancer surgery is performed through miniature incisions in the abdominal wall with total adherence to oncological principles. By remaining committed to continuing education in the field and using the most advanced laparoscopic technology, Dr. Senadhipan has established a strong reputation for excellence in laparoscopic cancer surgery.

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Dr. Baiju Senadhipan is one of the best laparoscopic surgeons of India serving at Sunrise Hospital in Kerala, who is expert in Cancer Laparoscopic Surgery and Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery. For more information visit

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Dr.Baiju senadhipan
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Kerala, India.
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