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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Boost your profession with Tableau

What images does a BI dashboard use?

What sort of images? Usually we would expect to find out the use of ‘standard’ tables alongside, heat maps, pie charts and schematics. Then you will find scatter plots, gantts and bubble charts plus also geographical maps. It is a real smorgasbord of visualization tools. Get extra details about tableau training materials

Why do we use these tools? The justification (and central technologies proposition right here) typically hinges around the truth that we are able to now use computing power to crunch via our numbers (some of them in databases, some of them coming from genuinely raw and unfiltered places that we often refer to as the data lake) then show ‘trends’ that the human brain would spend an eternity seeking.

Crucially, we humans can often define and spot a trend using a visual representation quicker than we are able to if we just looked at lists or tables of numbers. We like pictures, generally.

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