Roll Press Market, 2017-2025 by Segmentation Based on Product, Application and Region

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Roll Press Market: Overview

Rolling process is used for roll press in which a metal stock in the form of a large piece of material is conceded through one or more couple of rolls that result of decrease the thickness and create uniform. Frequently, in steel rolling mills, semi-finished casting product is converted into finished products by two processes such as hot rolling and cold rolling. By these process strengths and hardness of the material will reduce and ductility will increase. Motorcycle exhaust pipes, home appliances, lawn movers, computer cabinets and electronic cables are manufactured by cold-rolled process. Furthermore, rail tracks, automotive wheels, automotive clutch plate, wheel rim are manufacturing by hot roll process. Moreover, high pressure grinding rolls is used in cement industry for grinding the cement, with some roll press equipment such as v-separator, fans and dynamic separator and cyclones. Moreover, the roll press is used in textile industry for bleaching, drying and mercerizing of textile products for fabric and clothes. Pulp and paper roll press are using in drying process of paper production. Additionally, Paper manufacturers are focused on Press Nip Impulse technology for increasing paper quality and exploit moisture exclusion from the sheet. It is anticipated that steel industry sector will dominate in the global roll press market in the forecast period due to high demand of steel bodies for automobile vehicles.

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Roll Press Market: Dynamics:

Increasing production of automotive vehicle bodies, aircraft bodies, ship body and enhancement of cement industry and textile industry are triggering the global roll press market in the globe. Increasing demand of metal sheets, film rolls, cables, crushed stone, textiles and color printing on plastic sheet are expected to hike the global roll press market.

By hot rolling process, mechanical properties such as direction ability and residual stress is reduced. Non-uniform cooling may cause of residual stress, it affects the shape of semi-finished product such as I-beam, rail tracks and automotive vehicle chassis. These factors may hinder the growth of the global roll press market.


Increasing the usage of anti-friction bearing in roll press is trending for the global roll press market. Roll press is now extremely configured with control elements, sensors, actuators and software owning to implement flexible digitalization in the factory. Every roll press manufacturing company is going forward to touch the apex of Industry 4.0 concept by the pathway of internet of thing (IOT). Conventional printing is shifting to flexible digital printing attributable to high demand of high-mix low-volume print job.

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Roll Press Market: Segmentation

The global roll press market can be segmented on the basis of metal temperature, according to type, according to application, according to rolling process, according to feed. The global roll press market can be segmented on the basis of metal temperature: hot rolling, cold rolling. The global roll press market can be segmented according to type: hydraulic roll press, experimental roll press and experimental heating roller press. The global roll press market can be segmented according to application: paper industry, metal industry, cement industry, textile industry, printing industry, polymer industry. The global roll press market can be segmented according to rolling process: ring rolling, controlled rolling, profile rolling, roll forming and roll bending. The global roll press market can be segmented according to feed: choke feed roller press and starved free roller press.

Roll Press Market: Key Participants:

Key participants of the global press market are following:

Nagano Automation
KUBOTA Corporation
Xingtai Naknor Technology Co., Ltd.
Eagle Industries
Shanghai SCM Company
JW Machine Professional Crusher Manufacturing Ltd.
Hindusthan National Glass & Industries Ltd.
Xerium Technologies Inc.
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