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Trendspak is the website which will keep you informed as the news are breaking! Well informed citizens are those with the knowledge about current news and following this detailed website is just what people are looking for! They offer you the news videos in Urdu, whilst giving screen feed in Urdu too. Covering news from the latest political news to videos for example, of the world’s most dangerous roads! Or watch Diana & Dodi Al Fayed’s last day on 30-31 August 1997, via CCTV!

For those loving talk shows, it is there for the taking, watch the different editions of Live with Dr Shahid Masood get clued up and be able to keep up with conversations! This stimulating website also has a category for articles. Once again covering a wide scope of topics from the anti-social impacts social media has to the obsession of Pakistani women regarding brands! For every type of individual there is an interesting topic. Whether you are an intellectual, an individualist, a connoisseur in a certain field or just an ordinary person, this site has it all!
Their entertainment category is really something to see. Covering yet again a wide variety of information, such as a hilarious video about how former Prime Minister Nazwaz Sharif appointed a DG Nab to the transformation of actors. Like already mentioned above, something for everyone!

For the Tech boffins there is the latest information available to satisfy their taste. Varying from Pixel 2 & iPhone x, the major differences and how iPhone is smashed by Samsung in a new advertisement and Pakistan’s slow Internet whilst covering PTCL’s monopoly! If you want to stay clued up especially between your friends regarding Tech, this is the site for you!

Their How to category, it is absolutely stunning. For those who struggle with technology, take a look, for beginners there is a complete guide how to Photoshop, whilst for those more interested in the higher things in life, how to in Photoshop, write Urdu, and once again it is a complete guide. Learn how you can download a YouTube or Facebook video in easy steps and in HD quality!

Their user submitted category give a marvelous opportunity to interact! Take a look on their comprehensive website https://trendspak.com/ and read how when bad driving is spotted; usually it is even before seeing the driver, is accepted that the driver must be a woman! Read the article about the detailed analysis about citizens and Roads. Stay clued up and cool and well informed! As they say knowledge is power, indeed!!


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