Non Surgical Liposuction

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Liposuction, also popularly known as Lipo or Lipoplasty, is actually a surgical procedure that is employed to eliminate excess fat from different areas on the human physique. Invented in the early 70's, the procedures for Liposuction have undergone tremendous improvements in that, additional number of fat cells can be removed simply without getting to undergo considerably pain and loss of blood like the early days. This benefits in a direct reduction of recovery time for the individuals. Get much more details about Lipo Laser

Offered the sedentary life-style and junk food habits quite a few of are accustomed to nowadays, weight reduction and instant-slimming results of liposuction appear an attractive option. But, lipo can a painful & expensive proposition which entails surgical risks & long recovery periods post surgery! So, are there any alternatives? YES!

Non Surgical Liposuction

A relatively recent development, non surgical liposuction can be a non-invasive method to take away excess fat cells from distinctive parts from the physique. This method is based on reducing fat content by employing various techniques which melt away the fat cells using non-invasive ultrasonics, lasers and injection of certain chemical agents.

Non surgical liposuction was first developed inside the 80's and advancements in this field have provided rise to a quantity of technologies that claim to deliver benefits using non surgical liposuction techniques. Not all of these are FDA (Food & Drug Administration, America) approved. The short term and long term ramifications of using these non surgical liposuction products is yet to be ascertained.

Various non surgical liposuction procedures available today:

* Lipodissolve therapy

Lipodissolve or Injection lipolysis, involves administering injections containing enzymes, Proteins(amino acids) and other drug mixes that together dissolve fat cells in the human physique. This method still remains controversial obtaining FDA not yet approved this process and is still under trials and investigation. With medical associations issuing strong health warnings against Injection lipolysis, its advised not to go in for this treatment.

* Topical Creams & Ointments

These are available on prescription and is often applied on the skin above the regions where you want the fat to be reduced. The cream is absorbed in and it works by breaking down walls of the fat cells and dissolving the content. This dissolved fat is then flushed out by means of the urine. Collegenase is an example.

* Heat Therapy

A simple technique where a heating device is strapped on the locations which need shaping/contouring. Heat resulting from low frequency radio waves from the device causes the skin to contract and reduces swaging/wrinkles. This method can't be utilised to get rid of large amount of fat though.

* Vibration Therapy

Very similar to heat non surgical liposuction therapy, vibration non surgical liposuction serves by stimulating the cell walls, toning and rejuvenating the collagen to become supple and well shaped.

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