WooCommerce Popup Cart + Ajax Plugin: A Complete Solution for the Woocommerce Store

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January 22, 2018: These days, e-Commerce industry is changing every day, usually, due to the vibrant nature of technological innovations. So if you do not want to stay in depression, business owners should be familiar with all the novelties that are presented; moreover, there is a necessity to spread that advancement across the business. WooCommerce is most widely used eCommerce solution. WooCommerce include several themes and plugins to develop your online business.

But many WooCommerce themes do not have instruments for customization cart. aThemeArt has released a new powerful plugin which can create and modify cart for your WooCommerce store. They always try to create flexible solution for you. This WooCommerce Popup Cart + ajax is a open source software which make it so simple that when you click on “Add to cart” the product visually “flies” and goes into the cart.

This fly cart plugin has supported simplicity in shopping cart advancement with its special and easy to use characteristics. With a very user-friendly interface, this popup cart gives the store owners the advantage of adding multiple products to cart that can draw huge traffic to the website.

Ajax Cart allows users or shoppers to add, delete and update products from the ecommerce website without moving back and forth between the different pages or refreshing the cart continuously with the help of Ajax Pop-up. Whether it is a home page, product page, wish list or any other page where there is an “add to cart” button, this plugin will work smoothly on every page of the ecommerce website.

About the Company:
aThemeArt has developed an amazing plugin WooCommerce Popup Cart Ajax that grab the attention of maximum number of potential customers while simplifying their shopping experience. For more details visit https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocomm-popup-cart-ajax/

Contact Details:
Company Name: aThemeArt
Address: South badda, Dhaka, Bd
Company Email Id.: noreply@athemeart.com


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