Sunny Health & Fitness P8400,SF-RB921,Folding Recumbent Bike Reviews

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Even though Sunny Health and Fitness is not among one of the top exercise equipment manufacturer in the industry today. It is still successful enough to survive the volatile opinions of the market for ten years. And with that, FitnessAdvisor101 – a site dedicated to bringing guides and reviews on fitness equipment to bring it into its critical lights.

The newly released article contains well versed information on three most popular recumbent exercise bike the fitness company had on the market: The P8400 Pink Magnetic Recumbent Bike, The Sunny SF-RB1117, SF-RB921. Through a selection process composed of three criteria: Affordability, durability, and Functionality, the three came out as the brightest the company had to offer.

All three receives relatively warm welcoming, even though the Magnetic Recumbent Bike falls quite short of the rest – with only 3.8 stars out of 5 compared to the SF-RB1117 and SF-RB921’s equal 4.6 out of 5 stars. They’re all still considered good choices by the writer and were given positive compliments:

“… Sunny Health and Fitness Folding Recumbent Bike proves that it is a right investment for all users.” - SF-RB1117

“… an efficient product with affordable price...” - SF-RB1117

“… a great option for people who love simplicity, stylist as well as high workout efficiency.” - SF-RB921.

“… if you are seeking for the comfort, simplicity and high application for all family members, this is a great option.” - SF-RB921.

The article is also structured to act as both a review article and a buying guide by providing a comprehensive pros and cons section. Allowing the readers to be able to make an up-to-date decision wanting to buy one of the products. For more visit

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