Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901,SF-B1002,SF-B1509,SF-B1203 Bike Reviews

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Even though Sunny is quite a small name in many respects to other larger health and fitness equipment manufacturers out there, it is still quite a distinguished company. For this, FitnessAdvisor101 has made another article detailing on the different aspects – the goods, and the bads – of its products once more.

This time, with 4 models being put out for examination: The Sunny SF-B1203, SF-B901, SF-B1509 and SF-B1002. As always, the site has made sure that the four entailed in the article are among one of the warmest received with the most positive reviews to appear in its feed. They have been filtered out from the dozens other models Sunny had under its umbrella through an incised search for three functions: Affordability, durability, and functionality.

And that is the reason why all four did quite well while being graded by the editorial staffs, with all three scoring above exceptional with the lowest being 4.6 out of the 5 stars (SF-B1203), while the rest all score between 4.7 to 4.8 out of 5 stars. Staying true to the given scores, the writers did not scantily use their words to praise, either:

“… one of outstanding options for you to consider.” - SF-BF1203.

“… Within this budget, the bike brings the durability and basic features of a smart spin bike. Many people feel satisfied with the equipment of a LCD console. Therefore, we ensure that this machine will make you happy for long term goals.” - SF-BF1203.

“… our best recommendation for the durability, sturdy frame and all basic characteristics...” - SF-BF901.

“… it’s worth money purchasing an exercise bike with the great combination between design and features.” - SF-BF901.

“… one of our best options for indoor fitness exercise bike.” - SF-BF1002.

“… We ensure that bike will make you satisfied as same as thousands of customers.” - SF-BF1002.

With the ads of a comprehensive pros and cons section, the readers will have no troubles at all making wise decisions on whether to buy any out of four or else. For more visit

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