World Mobile Coin: A New Generation Cryptocurrency

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January 23, 2018: With constant development of technology, more useful products are being innovated. The better online trading resulted in the development of digitalized money commonly known as cryptocurrency. Presently, only some people are experiencing the features this currency provides. Most individuals usually do not rely on this means of transaction. This is because of the unawareness about the cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency transactions will never result in a loss.

World Mobile Coin (WMCC) is new idea of cryptocurrency mining. It is the latest cryptocurrency with new algorithm (X15). It is a decentralized mobile coin designed from combination of Blockchain + Open Ledger. Using this innovative concept of CPU mining nearly zero power is required. No energy usage and can be mined using mobile phone. Without confusing programming languages, everybody is able to mine. With the increase of mobile phone user, WMCC is going to be the first leading in mobile phone cryptocurrency mine.

You can download the Worldmobilecoin Desktop right to your device for easy and secure access to your wmcoins. It is perfect for beginners; the WMCC Desktop App makes using, mining and holding wmcoins easy. The principal concept of WMCC is to create a new idea of digital currency that is user friendly, quick transaction validation, safer and match to most devices.

All the previous funders can claim WMCC coins on the website:, since the initial coin sale has been re-launched. All WMCC coins can be redeemed instantly from the website to WMCC wallet. The great benefit of WMCC coins compared to other cryptocurrency is easy mining and suitable for almost all devices.

About the Company:
World Mobile Coin (WMCC) is a new generation cryptocurrency with new algorithm (X15) that can be mined using mobile phone. For more information visit

Contact Details:
Author Name: Maximum Kennedy (Max K)
Company Name: World Mobile Coin
Address: 2950 NW 29th AVE, STE A679026, Portland 97210 Oregon United States,
Phone: +15033884331


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