FitnessAdvisor101’s Take on Marcy’s Spin Exercise Bike Reviews

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Marcy is among one of the most recognizable and reputable names among fitness enthusiasts not only in the U.S. but in many countries in the world. And for FitnessAdvisor101, it is also a popular name for the site to continuously put many models of exercise bikes the company had on the market onto the dissection table to test their true values.

This time, their critical spotlight focuses on three models of spin exercise bike under Marcy’s brand name: Marcy XJ-3220 Classic, NSP-122 Deluxe, JX-7038 Club Revolution Stationary Cycle Trainer.

This put a lot of stress and expectations on the models. For such attention, the JX-7038 only managed to score 4.0 out of 5 stars with the staffs. It still fares much better than many bikes that were scrutinized by the complement of writers on the site, however, for Marcy’s bike, this is a shortfall in what’s expected of it.

The staffs specified that they were on the look for three aspects that they had expected the JX 7038 to present at its best: Affordability, functionality, and durability. Even with its shortfalls and some flaws, the bike still held itself well enough to receive some commendations from the tough judges:

“… highly appreciated by durability, high performance, affordable price, and convenience.”

“… an outstanding recommendation to purchasers.”

“… If you are just a new exerciser who is seeking for a bike to lose weight and improve healthy lifestyle, we recommend you this one. This will be a great investment and we ensure you would love it, just like thousands of buyers who bought it and are now happy with it.”

Next, to the straightforward reviews, the writers had also put works into condensing information into pros and cons section for the readers to understand more about what they’re getting if they decided that the bike is what they wanted for their next shopping occasion.

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