Diesel Fuel Tanks Regulations: Gravitation Feed Systems Is Lawful

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Press Release, January 30, 2018: ABLE SALES was designed, manufactured, and installed aftermarket and original equipment petrol and diesel transfer tanks. As a result of DOT ambiguity, the total legality of gravity fed systems remains cloudy. However, ABLE SALES believes safety and legality problems may appear with gravity feed supplemental gas systems which may possibly violate elements of US DOT regulation 49 CFR 393.67, a requirement of ALL fuel systems.

From a car performance standpoint, gravity feed fuel systems may negatively impact federally mandated, manufacturer executed, on-board auto diagnostic procedures. Inside the case of many additional vehicles, a gravity fed system keeps the gas tank over-full and can likely result in a diagnostic trouble code. Along with being a nuisance, drivers may miss valid auto issues since the check engine light stays.

In all diesel transfer tanks, there is actually a rollover valve which is normally open to air. The rollover valve utilizes a mixture of float weight, spring force, and buoyancy to work correctly. When the float is wrapped in fuel, the float (valve) closes, effortlessly preventing fuel leakage in the unlikely event of a rollover. The overfill tendencies of conveyor systems direct some users to seal the rollover OEM valve(s). At the lack of a rollover valve, then the septic tank will likely continue to flow fuel into the vapor space of the principal fuel tank.

A properly functioning rollover valve will close once the fuel level reaches on the float of the valve. Safety concerns reach beyond only spilling gas during regular operation of air fed fuel systems.

In order to meet more stringent emissions requirements, fresh diesel pick ups utilize some kind of busy Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). To keep performance, the DPF unit needed to go via a regeneration cycle at which in certain vehicles gas is pumped into the catalyst bed of the DPF and burned. Diesel fuel has an autoignition temperature of approximately 260°C. Fuel leaking from the rollover valve on a gravity fed system could maintain close proximity to the DPF and the chance of fire is significant. If the gravity flush method overfills the main tank by simply introducing fuel into the vapor space, there was a possibility for flame.

Another factor is portable diesel fuel tanks pressure. Insufficient vapor space in gravity fed systems can cause pressure buildup in the primary fuel tank, causing fuel to flow beyond the anti-siphon/anti-expulsion valve ergo, when removing the gas limit, the operator might be coated with gas. Item development confirmed by FMVSS 301 has been instrumental in ABLE SALES designing the safest after market fuel tanks and fuel systems out there. We're proud of our investment in crash tests, and so are confident in the safety and legality of our fuel systems.

ABLE SALES's engineering staff has evaluated on-road gravity fed auxiliary fuel systems and has ascertained that thanks to safety, environmental, and legal concerns, which can be inherent in the design and performance of gravity-fed supplemental gas systems, ABLE SALES will not endorse or promote the design, installation, or use of on road gravity-fed supplemental fuel methods. Customer safety and fuel-system legality are still function as our priorities after more than 175,000 gas systems offered and more than 30 years in business.


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