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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Based on some famous African stories, this series claims to be interesting

USA, 27th February 2018: People who are interested in pledging their support for Kugali can do so at the aforementioned website. It is a 200 pages comic book that is based on African characters. There are many characters that originate from the past and continue to the present and beyond. In addition to the book for children, there is another one for the more mature audience and this is also for 200 pages.

It is a fact that there have not been many comics based on African stories. There are many talented people who have worked on other similar projects and have not forayed into their own stories because of a lack of audiences. However, things are changing in this aspect and there are many comic book readers who are looking forward to read something innovative and different.

With Kugali, the makers have created characters that are interesting and the storyline has been described as ideal for a good comic reading experience. The project is in need of funding and has reached half of what is required to commence. With the story and all the other details ready for printing, they are requesting interested people to pledge their support monetarily in return of various rewards.

The website says, “Depending on the amount that you pledge, we have a series of rewards that we plan to send to you within 3 months of the project being launched. From selected chapters to PDF copies and paperbacks, there are many interesting things to look forward to. You only have time till 29th March to make your pledges. People from across the globe have shown a keen interest in the anthology and if you wish to see it making to the shelves, there are several ways of doing so in a hassle free manner.”

To obtain more information about the anthology, visit

About the website

The website claims that there are some big names in the comic world that have created Kugali. Details of their names and the characters that they have created can be perused in the online platform. It is a secure website that allows users to make payments in a safe environment. The use of several social media websites in the commencement process has made it popular.

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