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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - In fairness to Common Core, I think one of the goals of it is to reduce the advantage of socio-economic background/experiences. The students in the class who have watched adults discuss different house/decorating purchases would have a clear advantage over a student that is living in an unstable home or even one who doesn't have much opportunity to participate in adult discussions.
What I am seeing Common Core do right now is to make me thankful that my older child is too far along in school (Curriculum 2.0, which according to what I heard at back-to-school night keeps all kids on grade level in reading and math, as opposed to letting brighter kids move ahead) and worry about my younger, who already reads above her grade level in one language and on grade level in a second while not moving ahead much in math - but also being taught some things that I'm not sure are developmentally-appropriate in the first place.
First child is already bored out of her mind, either doing time-consuming homework or busy-work, and second child spent three weeks doing bar graphs in 2nd grade. THREE WEEKS?!?!? If it take three weeks to get that across, maybe it's the wrong age to be doing that? There's no reason to beat a topic to death - or there shouldn't be, unless you're trying to make it so stultifying that the MSA's are interesting in comparison.
Where is "student success" in this equation? Sorry, the words Common Core set me off....


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