13 Pretty Exciting Facts About President Donald Trump

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - There is constantly a time of adjustment that takes location all through the complete country when a president's term ends along with a new 1 enters the White House. It's type of like whenever you try and create the date on January 1st and place the year as the a single that just ended. For instance, I am still within the mindset that Barack Obama is within the White Property. Seriously! It really is going to take me some time for you to don't forget that he's off enjoying retirement now! To help make the adjustment period simpler, here are a number of exciting facts about President Donald Trump. Get more information about facts about donald trump president https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kyOxlQ0nQM

1. He has stated that he is worth someplace about $10 billion!

2. There had been romantic rumors about him and Anna Nicole Smith.

Sometime in between his initial and second marriage, rumors began circulating that he and Smith had very the fling. These rumors have by no means been confirmed, nevertheless.

3. His complete name is Donald John Trump.

4. He stays away from alcohol and cigarettes.

This is mainly because his older brother in fact died from alcoholism.

5. He is each the oldest and wealthiest particular person to ever be elected President With the United states of america.

6. He was sent to military school as a teen.

Apparently Donald had a bit of a poor streak in his teen years and he was sent to military college as a signifies of straightening out his behavior.

7. He has five children.

Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, and Barron.

8. He was inducted in to the WWE Hall Of Fame.

9. Rumor has it that Donald produced close to $375,000 per episode from the Apprentice.

10. And his agent advised him to NOT do the show!

Apparently his agent in the time believed that business shows under no circumstances did effectively. Boy was he incorrect...

11. Donald's wife Melania cuts his hair for him.

12. At the age of 27, Trump had currently owned over 1,000 apartment complexes.

I can barely afford my one particular bedroom apartment...

13. Trump says that his novel The Art Of the Deal is his second preferred book.

His first? The Bible!

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