Skylar Grey Has Obtained a Cease and Desist for Sexual Assault against another woman

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - In a press release dated Jan. 15, 2018, Skylar Grey impeded the system of justice by removing the content from Google News.

This is the third press release being issued on this matter.

Citizens have a right to understand the inhuman practices of Skylar Grey: where she has hidden/tampered-with evidence and backdated information on the internet to falsify a backstory of her life, plagiarized the work of a younger female artist, and issued threats to silence her victims.

(Amarillo, Texas) — (Jan. 30, 3018) — Young female rapper Sweetheart has served Paul Rothenberg, the attorney provided by Skylar Grey, a cease and desist order against Skylar Grey. The cease and desist included a request that Skylar Grey respond within 24 hours via a written statement of compliance, which is regular procedure with a cease and desist.
Skylar Grey did not respond. Skylar Grey is claiming she is the daughter of a woman named Candace Kreitlow from a band titled Generations. Sweetheart claims Skylar Grey has cyber bullied her with targeted harassment and potentially stalked her and her sisters. Information regarding the lawsuit is available now. Members of the public can find out more by visiting this website provided by Sweetheart at or by contacting the press department for Jana Barros.

“‪@SkylarGrey‪ u need 2 contact me b4 taking my ideas + calling them your own video "Lemonade" ‬,” Tweeted [Sweetheart] of the [Official Sweetheart Twitter Page].

Sweetheart reached out to issue a cease and desist order against Skylar Grey in 2016.
The DMCA allows Skylar Grey to attest under penalty of perjury that she has or has not infringed on the copyright of the video for “Thunder Bill,” and the work of the Heartz brand. Her response can be publicly published by Vevo. Sweetheart has reached out to Vevo to ascertain the amount of time Skylar Grey will be given to respond with a counter-claim before the matter is considered no longer available for a “put-back.”
Often times, publishers have enough evidence that even though a video is taken-down, they will not allow a counter-notice to be filed.

Skylar Grey’s video for “Lemonade” depicted Skylar Grey physically assaulting “Jana Barros”, the legal name given to the rapper Sweetheart. Skylar Grey’s involvement is suspected in the hit and run case that remains unsolved for a Jana Barros doppelgänger, Jana Rae Pittman. Jana Rae Pittman was hit in a drive by in 2016 while walking along a road in Amarillo, Texas, where Jana Barros lives. Authorities are still trying to put together the pieces of the crime.

“Jana Barros is Montana's Junior Miss 2008 which is now known by the name Distinguished Young Woman of Montana, and in 2008 Jana Barros competed at the National Competition in Mobile, Alabama, home of America’s Junior Miss, a scholarship program for girls in high school that encourages through leadership and the platform “Be Your Best Self”.” (reference

About Skylar Grey
Skylar Grey is fraudulently creating a world on the internet where she takes credit for things she has never done. Skylar Grey insists to music listeners that she was “writing songs” for the rapper Eminem. Skylar Grey considers the “hook” of a song (usually a few lines, sometimes one word repeated several times and often sampled from other more famous works) to be “writing songs.” An example would be Dido saying she wrote the song “Stan.”
Skylar Grey found herself behind, and fired from Universal, having only released two albums in the span of a career that may have started with she was three. Skylar Grey proceeded to plagiarize every single thing she could from Sweetheart’s portfolio and backstory, having found her name through Eminem, utilizing scraps of anything she could find, including private information, then photoshopping, or altering them to fit who she pretends to be as the character Skylar Grey.
Skylar Grey has been backdating articles on the internet. The artist doubled back while her name was not popular to make herself look like she was thinner years ago than she was, hiding old photos of herself, and by making new video interviews and then backdating them so they appear older, often using hacking to do this. The has termed the hackers’ new type of attempt to defraud legitimate American’s like Sweetheart ‘backdating’. “These agencies will proceed to create a website masquerading as a legitimate news source, whose sole purpose is to hose the very content their client is seeking to remove, usually disguised in the form of a news article. The article is then backdated to give it the appearance of being published prior to the allegedly infringing content.”
Lumens says that “…a company (or individual) will come across some undesirable content online, which they believe will cause them ...harm. Desperate to censor the content at any cost, and lacking a valid case for defamation, they will often seek the assistance of a “reputation management” agency.”
The Lumen database watches online criminal trends and works closely with the FBI to inform the public of their rights. Skylar Grey’s publicist/publisher blocks what the public is allowed to know about the charges against Skylar Grey for sexual harassment, and they continue to block all forms of information and opinion on social media. Skylar Grey continues to sell work she has plagiarized from the rapper Sweetheart.
Skylar Grey monitors every tweet sent on Twitter that says anything negative about her, reports the accounts until they are shut down, and pays for a bunch of online radio stations to post that her music is being played. Skylar Grey is an industry fraud who has stolen lyrics that she claimed to Eminem she wrote. Her alleged ex boyfriend and alleged recent ex husband (her manager, Todd Mandel), have both made public claims that Skylar Grey is stealing from other younger female artists. They were both threatened by her “legal team”, which we have be informed in this case is going to be none other than famous entertainment lawyer, Paul Rothenberg.
Rothenberg was notified on Twitter months ago that Skylar Grey faced criminal charges.
When Sweetheart posted on Twitter that Skylar Grey had lied about the "Restraining Order" for her ex, Sweetheart showed proof by having called Summit County, where Skylar Grey must live in Park City, Utah. A restraining order has to be filed in the county where you live. reported on Skylar Grey's side of the story, and so did
Michael Hays, one of Skylar's apparent ex's in Skylar Grey's apparent story, was quoted as saying he will not stand for her lieing to the industry and police.

About Sweetheart
Eminem is one of Sweetheart’s ex-boyfriends, and she has been sexually harassed by Skylar Grey to the point of two attempted suicides. Law enforcement has had to intervene to keep Skylar Grey away from Sweetheart, and when Sweetheart reached out to the KidinaKorner sub label of Interscope, Skylar Grey used her Verified Twitter Profile to publicly bully/defame/harass/exploit Sweetheart. Sweetheart was in the hospital for a month in January of 2016 pending release for attempted suicide, citing the source of her depression and anxiety was “targeted harassment from Skylar Grey.”

Sweetheart started the MeTooMovement ball rolling on Twitter accidentally by declaring publicly that Skylar Grey was sexually harassing her.
Sweetheart then decided to report the harassment anonymously to Interscope Records and Kid IN A Korner (An Eminem imprint label.). Sweetheart was going to be signed by Eminem, but then the unknown artist Skylar Grey stole her identity and instigated a fight from which Skylar Grey is currently running. Skylar Grey has not responded to a years worth of adamant police reports and fbi reports.
Skylar Grey continues to sell work she has plagiarized from the rapper Sweetheart.
Vevo is currently investigating the plagiarism on one of the videos Skylar Grey released titled “Lemonade” that depicts the woodland scene used by Sweetheart in video “Thunder Bill.” Skylar Grey’s video depicts Skylar Grey beating Sweetheart with an axe, and burying the rapper’s grandfather alive. The side story of the Skylar Grey video involves a man rescuing a dog, which was an idea for a music video pitched to Eminem by Sweetheart. Eminem’s name is not credited on the video, but Skylar Grey has claimed multiple times that he has okayed her parody of Cleaning Out My Closet, which is a video that eventually Eminem was sued for making.

Below is the extended version of the song Kush from the last album, Jam. The song is not really released as such though. The version that fans can purchase does not have the full dialogue.
The man speaking is Harry Jack Spakes, the father of Sweetheart’s ex fiancé Mike Spakes. Mike died from a drug and alcohol overdose 8.31.2015.
Mike’s father, Jack is being interviewed on the track in a running skit featured on the album Jam. Sweetheart’s tracks were featured on a radio interview where Jack detailed his claim to fame, escaping prison 7 times. Meek Mill, are you listening?
We thought we would release the extended version and let our followers download the track for free!
We then changed our minds and decided to release it through the distributors for purchase.
When that plan failed, we again considered letting fans have it for free. At this point, you can download the song right from this link:

“Kush” features an allusion to the beef between Macklemore and Yelawolf that erupted at a music festival.

Sweetheart posted on a tumblr page “Beef between actual rappers looks like versus sexual harassment from a bitch.”
“I don’t remember exactly what happened but I think Yelawolf had to be the bigger man and walk away. But Macklemore did not THEN follow him @skylargrey”

Purportedly, Macklemore instigated a fight with Yelawolf by putting a reindeer on tee shirt and sending a fan over to have Yelawolf pose with her for a picture. Yela “decided to confront Macklemore directly ad grilled him about using the decal.”
“Yelawolf proceeded to post a picture of the shirt on Facebook, and vented his frustrations.”

Macklemore never responded to Yelawolf in interviews.

Sweetheart maintains that Skylar Grey is at most a folk artist, and not a rapper.

Sweetheart has dropped four beautimous studio rap albums, in additional to multiple mixtapes which show a range only Jana Barros could be capable of.
Sweetheart, like Yelawolf, has coined a style unique to her brand. It is that style that Skylar Grey is copying, and that style that Skylar Grey envies. Apparently, it was also that Sweetheart style, that attracted the recognition of label owner Eminem.

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