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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Parents in Fairfax have a right to be concerned if this program is being shoved through with little thought but from reading the comments submitted I think many people get caught up with the word “gifted” and tend to think children who fall into this category are held at a high standard because they are the crème de le crème. In my many years of experience in schools I have found this to NOT be the case. “Gifted” children pose a real problem in the classroom. Though these kids may have high aptitude many tend to have issues socializing with other children, get bored and start acting out in the classroom and ironically many of them have learning disabilities. All of these things can be a real distraction to the other children in the classroom. Believe http://essaywriting.center - the grass is not greener on the gifted side. These kids do need extra services just as children who receive special education services. The need is there, it’s just how the county implements it is a real concern.
For those who don't think GT programs are worthwhile - please keep in mind that truly gifted kids are children trying to make sense of why they are so different from everyone else. Being able to read when you are three or do algebra when you are eight is something that can make a child feel very isolated - many gifted kids will try to 'hide' what they can do. A long time ago in a small public school, I got stuck in the back of the class with a math book, and later put into classes with older kids, because the teachers just didn't know what to do with me. But it turned out ok - I became a very independent learner. I am happy to say that when my daughter was identified as 'gifted' in math, she got put in a small class with two other boys and had a more normal school experience...and is now a well-adjusted young woman putting her talents to use in a science career. GT classes aren't for show and aren't for pushy parents - they are lifelines for kids trying to cope with unusual talents.

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