How to conduct a Workshop for Financial education in School?

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Workshop for Financial education in School
(Presseportal openBroadcast) - How can we present and conduct the Topic „Financial Education“ in our Schools efficient and lasting?

Here you find „6 good reasons for game based workshops in school“ and „Why a board game can be here very supportive!“

In the workshop the focus must be on creating interesting scenarios and motivating framework conditions in order to illuminate important economic contexts and foster the development of essential problem-solving skills.

The benefits for using a board game it in a game based workshop are obvious, to present financial education experience-oriented, age-appropriate, close to real life and in a fun way.

Here are 6 good reasons for conducting a workshop for financial education with a board game, which should be practical, fun and lasting:

o The financial reality of everyday life is simulated.
o Teachers will have a practical and useful support and approach to teach financial literacy for daily life.
o Students can try out economic decisions and their possible consequences.
o They gain basic economic knowledge and practical experiences without having to use their own real money.
o The game enables learning in a motivating and creative environment.
o It supports an open and constructive communication about money-issues in the family or with the partner.
You find the comprehensive article/paper on the right side for download!


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