Who is the Omnicore Alliance and what you should know

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Since youíre reading this, there is a good chance that youíve seen someone who is involved with the Omnicore Alliance. Now, you want to find out more about them.

September 8th, 2013: The Omnicore Alliance is an international fellowship of high level and self-made entrepreneurs that was established sometime in early 2005. They have long been regarded as one of the most difficult societies to get into because they have chosen to keep no website and they also restrict membership to an invitation only basis.

Thatís right. You canít apply unless you are asked to be a member by an existing member.

In order to be considered to be a candidate you must have self started a business that exceeds a yearly profit of six figures and even then they still may not accept you unless you fit the other criteria.

Weíve heard that members are encouraged to create strategic alliances with others in the group to scale their respective businesses faster and with more efficiency. One member says that is the true benefit of being apart of the network.

They separate their members into 3 categories:




Alphas are the individuals who earn a yearly profit of between $300,001 to $999,999.

Omegas are individuals who earn a yearly profit of 7 figures.

Omnias are the individuals who earn a yearly profit of 8 figures and higher.

We were able to contact one of their leaders (who has chosen to remain anonymous) and she said you ever get a chance to run into a member then try to pick their brain for information on how you can start or grow your business.

Sometimes they may even allow you to partner with them on a project and get paid to do it.

The Omnicore Alliance is structured like a top secret society and it appears itís members prefer to keep it that way.

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