Multi-Function Cable Clips of Blue Key World Ensures a Mess-Free Household Attested by Its Users

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Cham, Switzerland, March 21, 2018 /PressReleasePing/ - Blue Key World is known as producers of home cable and wire organizers. Their multi-function cable clip is one of the latest product added to the brand's must-have items. It is currently offered in the Amazon web store for only $8.83 along with a gift-wrap.

The Cable Clips of Blue Key World is manufactured concerning homes efficient wire cable management. This cord clip is designed multi-purposely to hold different types of cables such as phone chargers, USB Cables, Power Cords, Computer and Laptop wires, gaming consoles and other handy accessories.What makes this cable clips stand out from the others is the convenient structure of the tool that makes it possible for a quick installation. Aside from that it keeps a work desk, TV, computers, cellphone or even cars free from any clutter. This cable clips can assure the client's safety because it is all made from sturdy TPR material that is SGS certified. These specifications prove that the cable holder is a durable and heavy-duty tool n not to mention that it is safe and secure.

The advantages that this wire clip provides to households is attested by a user that gave the device a 5-star rating. The user shared how easy it is to install the equipment. It took him 7 seconds more or less to have it installed in his computer table. He said it maintains well-arranged cables and wires, making it easier for him to recover what he needs.

The company always considers the rights of the shoppers. Blue Key World covered the cable clip with a full refund policy with no further questions asked. This product is available together with the rest of the brand's items in their Amazon store and web store.

Press Contact:
Luis Amaral
Blue Key World
Cham, Switzerland
+41 76 544 59 79

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