Ale Geisslerin gets naked in Uncover Pt.1

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - London based singer songwriter Ale Geisslerin released her latest tracks finally on Spotify, ‘Don’t Be My Lover’, and ‘House Party’ on March 15. The Spanish composer’s songs are similar in style to Lana Del Rey and Lorde, and are fairly dark in style.

‘Don’t Be My Lover’ covers the ups and downs, trials and tribulations in life, as a adult, as well as the struggles with love and rejection, while ‘House Party’ is about nights out: ironically it was written during a boring night at home. Ale Geisslerin has been dedicating herself to music for many more years than we think.

Relatively new to the music business, Ale started releasing original music in 2014, for which she raised a huge following. She has since broadened out into original material, with her EP, ‘Uncover Pt. 1’ set for release later this year. Her EP 'Uncover Pt.1' is a mixture of feelings described in 6 very sincere songs, the release of the EP is scheduled for this month of April. This starts with a series of services throughout the UK, Europe and probably confirm US.

This year she will also release the second part of her EP, Uncover Pt.2.

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