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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Musique Gratuite new releases with popular genres for free

Free access to music is a divine experience to any music lover however most of the free music portals donít offer many choices and arenít updated frequently. Musique Gratuite is at reach for everyone now with the exciting updates and new releases constantly updated and can be accessed absolutely free at Unlimited access to music classified basis music genres is the specialty of the website. has become the popular stop for music buffs with over 50 popular genres of music. The new releases section is for those who love to keep abreast with the new additions to the music industry. The portal offers unlimited music access through their popular albums, popular genres, top 50 and new releases. The website also allows creating oneís own playlist by registering for the access. A simple login will help to keep music on round the clock which can further be clubbed into albums or a playlist. The easy access and the multiple options is attracting people from all age groups to this music hub.

About FoxSoundi:

FoxSoundi launches a platform for music lovers to have unlimited access to free music across various popular genres. This France based music repository houses multiple variations keeping the music lovers tapping their feet. To view the various genres uploaded log onto

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