Learn the Best American Brand of Western Leather Gun Belts and Holsters

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Kirkpatrick Leather Company offers a unique chance to purchase high quality western leather gun belts and holsters on the internet. This company is one of the most popular American brands, which produce stunning western leather holsters and gun belts for the real fans of the American West as well as those people, who need to wear holster in the performance of their duty.

The truth is that thereís no American West without cowboys and their action shootings. This is why all those people, who belong to this extraordinary culture of Old West, tend to have guns and weapons along with such luxury accessories as leather holsters and gun belts. Probably, nowadays, itís just a beautiful tradition that reminds us about our past. Still despite our age and sex, we know how to hold guns and how to wear holster, which is required to be of excellent manufacturing quality, featuring unique design.

The variety of leather gun belts and holsters, offered by Kirkpatrick Leather, is quite large and impressive, incorporating the diverse colors. In such a way, the choice of gun belts colors includes a great selection of tones, while holster finishes are available in such colors as tan, mahogany, chestnut, brown and black, allowing choosing the needed color and style of holsters and gun belts. Thus, those, who need to wear holster on a regular basis because of their occupation, can choose a couple of holsters in different colors.

To browse an excellent collection of western leather gun belts and holsters, itís necessary to visit the website of Kirkpatrick Leather Company, going to Kirkpatrickleather.com. Here itís possible to find the right leather cowboy holster, picking whether a classic or luxury style. Shopping with Kirkpatrick Leather Company, itís easy to be sure that regardless of the chosen holster or gun belt, these items will be as durable as comfortable, while serving through many years and preserving their good condition. Any leather holster or gun belt, offered on the website of Kirkpatrick Leather Company, becomes a favorite accessory, as this items are designed to meet any style and to be worn during the whole day.

About Kirkpatrick Leather Company:

Kirkpatrick Leather Company is a reputable manufacturer of top quality leather holsters, which was founded in 1950 by Joe W. Kirkpatrick in Laredo, Taxes. Being one of the most remarkable American brand names and possessing almost 70-yearsí experience in the field, this company produces a large variety of western gun belts, which are regularly updated in accordance to the latest trends.

Company Name: Kirkpatrick Leather Company
Address: 1910 San Bernardo, Laredo, TX 78040
E-mail: support@kirkpatrickleather.com
Phone: 956-723-6893
Fax: (956) 725-0672
Website: http://www.kirkpatrickleather.com/

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