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Laser Pointer Research

25.03.2017 05:33 - Wissenschaft & Forschung - von lasernzh

(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 200mw Laser Pointer projected virtual interfaces are a new fascinating solution in a world of previously undreamed of opportunities.First seen at ISE, the WUXGA resolution projector boasts superior colour rendition through an additional red laser, which enhances colour performance, says the brand.

British "death ray" weapons will come out

20.09.2016 12:36 - Finanzen & Versicherungen - von lasernzh

(Presseportal openBroadcast) - The concept of directed energy laser weapon is proposed by the European missile group. The sample laser weapon will be completed before 2019, which proves that how the application of laser technology in land-based and sea based weapons. This burning laser pointer weapon can transform energy into laser beam which is one of the most deadly weapon of the British... Mehr 

The USA is a leader in burning laser weapons.

22.08.2016 12:20 - Vereine & Verbände - von lasernzh

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In fact, since entering the 21st century, the United States first in the "prompt global strike... Mehr 

Type of Rio Olympics laser weapons

08.08.2016 09:44 - Freizeit & Hobby - von lasernzh

(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Type of Rio Olympics laser weapons
Laser weapon VS conventional weapon
Compared with conventional weapons, burning laser weapon has a unique and excellent performance. It is fast, high hit rate. The laser weapon emits "light bomb" - a laser beam, with a speed of 300 thousand kilometers per second. Besides, it is of high strength... Mehr 

The latest HTPOW 10000mw blue laser pointer

29.07.2016 05:35 - Freizeit & Hobby - von lasernzh

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This Attack Laser Pointer 10000mw Blue Laser Self-Defense Lazer Pen was created by the latest technology,which makes a relaible quality.Powered... Mehr